Monday, 27 April 2009

Whiskered Terns

What a weekend! On Friday there were 11 Whiskered Terns at Willington GPs in Derbyshire, but by Saturday morning one had left overnight. Later during Saturday morning a single bird was found at Frampton in Gloucestershire before relocating to Slimbridge WWT, and the Willington birds eventually dropped to 8 birds by dusk. Then came Sunday...

... and 8 Whiskered Terns remained at Willington, then 8 became 5, and finally only 2 remained. But Cleveland was to receive its long anticipated first county record, when 2 birds graced the Tees marshes at Saltholme Pools RSPB late in the afternoon. Staffordshire was blessed with 5 at Croxall lakes in the evening and Derbyshire found a single bird at Long Eaton gravel pits.

So by the end of Sunday the tally stood at:

Croxall GPs, Staffs: 5
Saltholme Pools, Cleveland: 2
Willington GPs, Derbys: 2
Long Eaton GPs, Derbys: 1

Not forgetting that Northern Ireland also recorded its first ever Whiskered Tern on Sunday at Quoile Pondage!

Photos below from Willington GPs by Glyn Sellors.