Thursday, 15 November 2007

Pagers on the Hebrides

Recent visitors to the Western Isles in search of the Mourning Dove (below) had nothing but good things to say about Birdnet pagers and their performance on the islands. While some twitchers were missing vital messages and struggling to get signal, Birdnet customers had no problem keeping up to speed with the news; their pages delivering all the news, even in this remotest of locations!

And for a service that's cheaper than the alternative, a Birdnet pager offers great value for money.
If you are interested in purchasing a Birdnet pager or would like to find out more the please visit our website.

Monday, 12 November 2007

Green-winged Teal

Rarities and scarcities at Marshside RSPB on Merseyside can be extremely difficult to catch up with, often disappearing into the marsh's many creeks and gullies for hours, if not days, where they are impossible to see! This drake Green-winged Teal was the exception to the rule when Stephen Menzie photographed it showing itself off only yards in front of Sandgrounders' Hide.

Note not only the vertical white stripe & much reduced horizontal white stripe and the (somewhat invisible here) less striking yellow border to the green on the face but also the more extensive cream/yellow under the tail.